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34mm LDC Alice

Posted by Tom Benedict on 22/04/2018

I built a new vocal microphone!

Up until now all the vocal mics I’ve built have been based on the Schoeps CMC 5 circuitry and a Transound electret capsule. The first was back in September, 2016, when I made my first Alice, based on Jules Ryckebusch’s Instructable. Almost a year later I built three more along similar lines using BM-700 donor bodies and the Transound TSB-25AX capsule. That first one I built is still my main vocal mic, but I’ve been using all four in one form or another ever since.

This time I wanted to try something different. I’ve wanted to build a 34mm non-electret condenser ever since I started dabbling in voice acting. A combination of events finally let that happen.

The first was finding some relatively inexpensive 34mm capsules on Ali Express back in December, 2017. I wound up getting one with the plan of developing a charge pump board to go with the Alice boards I’d used on the last set of mics. Before I could do that, though, a long-term project at work took my full attention and I had to set the capsule aside.

Around the same time the work project began ramping up, Homero Leal posted a new version of his Pimped Alice board to the Yahoo! micbuilder forum. This one included circuitry to bias a non-electret condenser capsule. (Yahoo!!) I ordered ten. But until the project at work ramped down enough for me to have a real life again, the capsule and boards sat in a box, waiting for me to get back to them.

Just when I started to worry I’d never build this thing, the project reached a good pause point and the rest of the pieces came together. I ordered a donor body, designed a capsule mount, and finally finally got busy. (Considering this is coming only six months after my TSB-25AX Alice trio instead of the year it took me between the previous two sets, I’m doing better this time! I really can’t complain.)

34mm LDC Alice Open>

Everything fit nicely inside the donor body, including the capsule and mount. I was concerned that the thicker capsules wouldn’t fit inside the head basket without requiring modifications, but it juuust barely fit. (The big exposed diaphragm on this capsule gives me the heebiejeebies every time I take the head basket off, though!)

Capsule Mount

Unlike the other capsule mounts I’ve designed, this one uses four M1.6x6mm screws to hold the capsule in place. (Normal for an LDC capsule.) It uses the same shock mount system as the previous mounts, though, and still has the tunnel down the center for routing the capsule’s wires to the PCB. (Version 2 of this mount will have holes on both sides of the post so it can work with dual-diaphragm capsules.)

34mm LCD Alice

Once the microphone is all closed up, it’s ready to go!

I’ve only just begun testing it against the other Alice mics I’ve built, but so far I’m pleased as can be. The 34mm capsule has a little more low-end punch (which is great on my voice!) and a subtly different high end. I haven’t decided which microphone I prefer for higher frequencies, but for my voice the LDC Alice is a clear winner.

Three Generations of Alice

And here’s the multi-generational line-up of the Alice mics I’ve built, starting with my very first one on the left, retrofitted with a shock-isolated capsule mount. The TSB-25AX Alice is in the middle, featuring the first shock-isolated capsule mount I designed. And the 34mm LCD Alice is on the right, featuring Homero’s board and the new capsule mount.

For anyone else itching to build one of these, here are the links to the version 1.0 capsule mounts, both for those who don’t have their own 3D printers:

34mm LDC Capsule Mount on Shapeways

And for those who do:

34mm LDC Capsule Mount on Thingiverse

(Mounts for the internal switch for switching the HF EQ in and out can be found on the same sites.)

Happy mic building!


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