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Clean Clean Clean!

Posted by Tom Benedict on 13/12/2017

I’ve spent the past year or so at work helping prepare for the arrival of a new instrument. One of the requirements is for the room to meet ISO 8 standards with a goal to reach ISO 7.

The reason for the requirement is that the instrument is one big cryostat – about 2m in diameter and about 3m long – and will be bolted to the floor. Once it’s installed, the only way to service it is to open it up wherever it is. It can’t go in the clean room, so we brought the clean room to it.

ISO 8 roughly translates to Class 100,000. It allows for 29,300 >=5µm particles per cubic meter, 832,000 >=1µm, and 3,520,000 >=0.5µm particles. ISO 7 , our goal, knocks that down by a factor of ten (2,9300 >=5µm, 83,200 >=1µm, 352,000 >=0.5µm, Class 10,000).


Coude Room Particle Counts 2017-12-13

As of this week we’re hitting under 175,000 for 0.5µm, 75,000 for 1µm, and under 3,500 for 5µm with upwards of ten people in the room, two of them installing weather stripping on the doors. That’s well inside ISO 7 with a shot at ISO 6 once we finish all the work, provided we can demonstrate counts at 0.3µm and smaller. (That instrument is in use in another room at the moment.)

When no one is in the room, the particle counter doesn’t register any particles at all. W00t!!

Just a happy point in a long work schedule. Details of the work on the room will be presented in a paper at the SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation conference in Austin, Texas in June, 2018. The instrument itself will show up at the end of January, 2018, so we’ll have plenty of time to put the room through its paces during integration and commissioning.

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