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Clippy ORTF / X-Y Bar

Posted by Tom Benedict on 25/11/2017

One of the real pains about setting up some stereo mic arrangements is positioning everything juuuust right. The ORTF setup is the classic example. It uses two cardioid microphones positioned so the diaphragms are 170mm apart and angled outward at 110 degrees. Possible to do with a stereo bar? Sure. Easy to do? Not so much. Not without some way to verify the angle and spacing.

My first cardioid mics were a pair of Primo EM-184 cardioid capsules mounted in Clippy lavalier bodies from FEL Communications ( Take all the normal complications of trying to set things up for ORTF and complicate them by doing everything with lapel clips. Possible to do? Sure. Easy to do? You gotta be kidding me.

Back in May of 2016 I wrote about a nifty little bar I made in the shop to hold everything in just the right place. I machined it out of a chunk from the scrap box that wound up being 7075 aluminum. Massive overkill, all things considering, but it worked. I profiled the bar and machined slots in it so the clips would hold the mics juuuust right. It worked, and it made the job of setting up for ORTF a snap.

Since then I machined another set of slots and cut-outs in the bar so I could also set up for X-Y. (Almost X-Y… the capsules aren’t quite coincident, but they’re quite close.) This also worked great, though I still have problems remembering to swap the mics. (ORTF mics face outward, X-Y mics face inward, so the left and right mics are on opposite sides for the two setups.)

My plan was always to make this design available for others trying to do stereo on a budget. I dropped the ball and never got around to putting the design out there, but I finally fixed that.

I put the STL file up on Thingiverse for those who want to grow their own, and on Shapeways for those who want to get one pre-made (or whose printers don’t have enough volume to print the whole bar (like mine!))


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