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SASS and ORTF Side-by-Side

Posted by Tom Benedict on 09/08/2016

Or top and bottom, rather.

I had the opportunity to stick my SASS rig and my newly minted ORTF bar on the same mount, one right over the other, and use them to record coqui frogs in a eucalyptus forest on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Of course whenever you record in a forest here you also get insects.

And if you happen to be within a hundred yards of a bunch of… dinosaurs? You also get them.

And the rain.

Ok, just a bunch of stuff. Anyway, here’s the recording. It’s an A-B test, switching between SASS and ORTF at thirty second intervals with a two second cross-fade.

My take: The two are different. (Well duh!) They provide different sounds. Neither one is “right” to my ear, just… different. But I’ll let you decide for yourself.


P.S. No I didn’t say which is which in the recording. What would be the fun of that?

2 Responses to “SASS and ORTF Side-by-Side”

  1. Andrew Newton said

    I like the first of the two, sounds are more discrete and fuller. How would a single one of these modules do for a lapel mic Tom?

    • Tom Benedict said

      You pegged the SASS, Andrew. Cardioids in general tend to ignore a lot of the characteristics of the room, or in this case the forest. Omnis like the ones installed in the SASS tend to pick up more of the space.

      The EM172 mics make great lapel mics. They’re a little big (10mm diameter before you stick them in a housing) so they’re not all that discrete, but they’re low noise and do a good job picking up voices.

      If you need something smaller the EM158 can be wired exactly the same way, and is 5.8mm in diameter. They have a little more self-noise, but play nicer with lower bias voltage.

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