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My Camera’s Last Owner was a Monster

Posted by Tom Benedict on 08/03/2014

Yeah, I’m probably coming on a little strong. But it’s true! The last owner of my new (to me) A2200 was a monster. One with claws, fangs, and little beady eyes. At least that’s what the lens is telling me.

Back when I got my new KAP camera, I wrote a post about it, and included a photograph of the camera. If you look around the edges of the lens in that photo, you can see it’s not all that clean. I actually photographed the camera after an extensive lens cleaning. Before I made that picture it was even worse! It wound up taking two more concerted efforts at cleaning the lens before I removed enough of the finger oils to see the scratches in the lens. Yeah, a multi-coated camera lens. Scratched. That takes WORK. The LCD window is also scratched, which is something to think about, considering how hard the modern LCD cover glasses are these days. This poor thing was abused. I’m just glad it finally made it into a good home. The scratches are quite minor, thank goodness, and shouldn’t affect the image quality that much as long as the sun isn’t shining directly on the lens.

Back in 2012 I wrote a post about how to clean optics like a pro. I mentioned stuff like wearing gloves, making sure your methanol doesn’t get hydrated, not touching the glass with anything but a lens tissue, etc. But the first step – the step I didn’t mention – is this: Don’t mess up your lenses in the first place. Keep them clean. Keep them safe from harm. Treat them like the fragile flowers they actually are. Cherish them. In return they’ll serve you well and see that your camera delivers many thousands of beautiful pictures to you.

Don’t be a monster. Love your glass.

– Tom

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