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Amputee – Follow-Up

Posted by Tom Benedict on 19/11/2013

Just over ten days ago I took Ember in to have his leg amputated. So much of the last six months had revolved around efforts to save his leg, it seemed like the wrong move in so many ways. But the last ten days have convinced me that we did the right thing.

Ember: Amputee

His spine no longer twists when he walks, he’s able to sit while he eats, and the constant signs of pain are gone. Within a day he was jumping up to our bed by himself and jumping down with the use of a foot stool. By day three he didn’t really need the stool any more. And by the end of that first week he was running, hunting, and chasing the other cats around. For the first time since he was hit by the car, he’s turning back into a cat.

Ember is not completely out of the woods, though. His chronic constipation is better but it’s still there. He’s on a laxative and a stool softener, and probably will be for life. We also learned how to give kitty enemas, and have had to administer them twice so far (no pictures of that, please!) This morning we took him to his vet to have his staples removed and to get a general checkup, which he passed with flying colors. We may have to give him another enema later in the week, but other than that he’s doing great.

I don’t know what the next six months will bring. But I’m glad I get to share them with Ember, enemas and all. He’s my bud.

– Tom

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