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Funky Radio Follow-Up

Posted by Tom Benedict on 23/08/2013

I finally had a break in the weather that let me fly my Bixler and Raptor with the funky radio setup. I spent most of the time dialing in the ratio of flaps and aileron spoilers for the crow mix, but finally hit on something that at least minimized ballooning when I hit the brakes. Once that was done, it was relatively easy to fly with the radio set up that way.

Something I don’t think I mentioned in my previous post is that while I was messing with aileron and flap mixes, I added a mix that lets me switch in full trailing edge ailerons. This ties the ailerons and flaps together so they move as one. It gives the aileron input a little more authority, and allows for faster rolls. On the Bixler, at least, it made a noticeable difference. I wouldn’t call the plane aerobatic, but it made it a lot snappier.

Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to try that on the Raptor. After my first flight I brought it in to land so I could adjust the ratio for crow, and wound up cartwheeling it. The field I’m flying in is overrun with fireweed, a particularly nasty invasive plant that is almost impossible to eradicate, is poisonous to cows (makes them go blind), and likes to catch at airplane bits during landings. Most of the plane survived, but I snapped off a wingtip. That ended the day’s flying. Weak wingtips is a known bug with the Raptor, with the very simple fix of epoxying it back on. So no big deal. But it means I haven’t thoroughly tested the setup on this plane.

All in all, I’m happy with how this worked out. Again, I wouldn’t do this with a traditional power plane that expects to have its motor running most of the time. But for a motor glider which uses its prop strictly as a launch device, it’s not a bad way to go.

– Tom

3 Responses to “Funky Radio Follow-Up”

  1. Elias said

    Very cool!

  2. I have just dared to reopen my husband’s ipad after his death which happened on the 07/29/13 at 4.30am. I know that he was a fervent reader of your blog and admired your writing.To read your adventures and experiences helped him to bear his illness.Many thanks Monique Shaw

    • Tom Benedict said

      I was very sad to read of Nigel’s passing on the KAP forum earlier this month. Like so many, I was hoping to meet him one day. I’m glad he enjoyed reading what I wrote, and that it gave him some measure of comfort. He’ll be missed.

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