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Ember – Last Dash

Posted by Tom Benedict on 31/07/2013

We dropped Ember off this morning for his last bout of surgery.

Ember Pre-Surgery

His bladder is healed, his urethra is healed, and all five fractures in his femur appear to be healing nicely. All that’s left is to remove all of the external hardware, staple the holes shut where the pins have been, and attempt to fix his kneecap.

His vet thinks the tendons attached to his kneecap were scarred as a result of the impact, and may have re-attached to his femur at the scar locations. This is what she thinks is limiting motion in his knee. If this is the case, she’s planing to attempt to scrape the scar tissue free, restoring some or all of the motion in his knee. Afterward he’s going to go through hell’s own physical therapy regimen to retain and possibly expand on his range of motion.

Ember is on the last dash of this race to get his health back. If last night is any indicator, he’s ready. We had to take him off all solid food at 6pm in anticipation of his surgery this morning. I put all the food away (all four cats had to suffer through this), and only left their water. As soon as I put the food in the cabinet, I heard a loud scrabbling sound coming from the kitchen. I spun around to find Ember finishing a very undignified jump onto the counter in search of something to eat. Cripes! Busted leg and all, he still managed to jump up there.

Yeah, in case you’re wondering, I didn’t sleep much last night. Between his bashing around trying to find food and the other three yowling at the tops of their lungs most of the night, no one in the house got much rest. It may sound callous, but we were all glad to drop him off at the vet and bust out the cat food for the other three cats.

– Tom

One Response to “Ember – Last Dash”

  1. Tim Cole said

    Well, Ember’s activity level sounds encouraging. I hope this next surgery goes well.

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