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I Void Warranties

Posted by Tom Benedict on 27/05/2013

Something occurred to me as I was writing that last post about the video ground station: I void warranties.

The monitor I used came with a little sticker across the two halves of the case. It’s a quality control sticker, but obviously it was put there so the manufacturer would know if someone returned a “broken” monitor that had been tampered with. For a split second, I toyed around with the idea of trying to remove it in one piece. But after practically no thought at all, I decided to let the sticker tear when I opened up the case.

Let’s face it: I voided my warranty. I pulled out their cables, plugged in my own, drilled three new holes in the case, covered up a fourth, and otherwise modified the bejeebers out of it. If it didn’t work at that point, I had no right to send it back under the guise of a warranty repair and say, “Fix this!” For better or worse, the deed was done. They’re off the hook.

And I’m on it. If I can’t handle the idea of having to fix my own electronics, I shouldn’t tamper with them in the first place. I can’t stand the idea of not tampering, so I’d better be ready to fix stuff when it breaks. There’s no shame in this.

But there’s also no hiding it. By all means, open your cases. Change out your wires. Improve the things you use the most. But own up that you did when things break. (And they will, from time to time!) For me, it’s worth it.

– Tom

4 Responses to “I Void Warranties”

  1. Jasja said

    Hi Tom. So do I. If you can’t open it, you don’t own it!
    You might like this shirt:

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