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Some OCD Humor

Posted by Tom Benedict on 09/05/2013

It's not the OCD

I swear, doc, it’s not the OCD. I just don’t want to step on this crack!

The lull in my OCD that I’ve been enjoying for the past few years is coming to an end. I’ve seen the warning signs for weeks. I’m back to not letting my foot cross two different kinds of flooring. Back to having to “even out” – when one foot steps on something, the other one has to as well. Back to having to line stuff up and make sure things are symmetric. It’s baaaaack!

As exhausting and frustrating as the compulsions are, it’s the intrusive thoughts that are, to me, the worst side of OCD. I’ve tried to write about them in the past, but inevitably I erase whatever I write and put it off. “I’ll write about it next time.” The truth is I probably never will. It’s too easy for the reader to misunderstand the implications, and the thoughts themselves make even the best Wes Craven movie look dull. They’re not fun, and until they’ve run their course you can’t get away from them.

Which is why it’s important to take the serious parts of your life, hold them at arm’s length, and laugh at them. Call it whistling in the dark. Call it having a twisted sense of humor. Call it whatever you like. I’d rather laugh than cry.

Besides, that really was one big-ass crack in the ground. I had a camera. I had to play.

– Tom

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