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Raptor is Done

Posted by Tom Benedict on 14/04/2013

I punted on the science fair project until later in the weekend, and finished my Raptor Advance 2000 instead. Yaaay! It’s done!

Raptor Advance 2000 - Completed!

The all up weight with a 1.3mAh battery installed came out right around 970g, about 20g heavier than most people were  reporting. I think some of the discrepancy is due to the servos I used, but I really don’t know what I could do to shave it by much. With reasonable placement of the battery, it balanced out quite nicely at 80mm behind the leading edge of the wing. Again, I’m taking this number on faith since a number of people have made successful maiden flights with this CG.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m not ready to fly this yet. I have two other models coming in that I’d like to build first, and quite honestly I’m just not ready. From what I’ve gleaned from the RCgroups forum, maiden flights with this plane either seem to go amazingly well (skilled pilot, competent build, due caution) or really really poorly (for a variety of reasons). Considering my propensity for accidents, getting my control swings backwards, having props fall off, etc. a little more stick time on my Bixler 2 and a lot more simulation time just seems prudent.

Meanwhile I have to install pulleys and lines so I can hang my models in my room. This one is pretty, even sitting on the ground. It’s a shame to keep taking it apart and storing it in its box.

Now the race is on! Which plane comes in next? The Zagi wing, or the Le Fish aerobatic glider?

– Tom


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