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Silly Kite Fun

Posted by Tom Benedict on 01/02/2013

I haven’t written much recently because work has been kicking my ass. In the last month our dome has stuck open, we’ve had a cracked water pipe that resulted in a full-building flood, we had multiple electrical fires because of flooding in the breaker boxes, and we had all the associated clean-up you’d expect from a month like this: total network failure, failed cryo systems, failed vacuums on every instrument in the facility, and one heckuva mop job to get all 1200 gallons of water out of the building. It’s been a nightmare. What’s a guy to do?

Fly kites, of course!

One of the weekends (I think the one before the flooding began) I was at the beach with my family with a pretty minimal KAP setup and only three kites. The light wasn’t great, but I put up a kite anyway. Sometimes it’s nice just to put a kite in the air and hang onto the string.

But it’s also nice to complicate things needlessly, all in the name of fun! I had a short leader in my bag, so I tied it onto the line and tied on a second kite. And when those two flew nicely, I had to put a third on the line just because I could. Then I thought it would be a good idea to relax a little more and fly all three kites with my foot.

Three Birds on a Wire

This isn’t the first time I’ve flown a kite with my foot. I think the first one was during World-Wide KAP Week 2009. But it’s been a habit ever since. My wife never ceases to be amused and confused at me for doing this. After a few minutes she said, “Why not fly a camera, too?” So I did!

Three Birds The Moon and A Camera

So there I am in the middle of building-wide failures at work, flying three kites and one camera at the beach with a silly grin all over my face. Little did I know I’d be fighting fires the next day. Literally.

– Tom

3 Responses to “Silly Kite Fun”

  1. I can’t imagine anything else that wouold illicit the same effect…’plane,copter: joy is a kite in the air!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jasja said

    Excellent Tom, you look very relaxed!

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