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Gluttony to Famine – Still No KAP Test

Posted by Tom Benedict on 23/12/2012

Yesterday there was too much wind. This evening when I went out to test the changes to my pano rig, there was no wind. My son and I drove as far south as Anaehoomalu Bay trying to find even a breath of wind to put a kite up with. But no dice.

Soooo… Yep, you guessed it. More long duration exposure photography! This time I photographed sunset from the south end of Anaehoomalu Bay. There are some nice rocks on that end of the beach. If you walk out far enough, there are some nice vantage points from which to work. I was fortunate enough to find a set of three rocks so my tripod could stay (mostly) dry. Unfortunately there wasn’t a rock for me to stand on. So I stood in the surf and tried not to step on any sea urchins.

Despite a soldering session earlier today, for some reason my remote shutter release is still not working in the field. (I swear it worked fine when I tested it at home!) So I was stuck doing 30-second exposures again. About an hour after I first stepped into the water, the sun set. I packed my gear and headed home.

This is a stack of six 30-second exposures, all made back-to-back. Total open shutter time is three minutes:

Sunset at Anaehoomalu Bay

I can’t wait to try this with waterfalls.

– Tom


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