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Parts, Parts, Parts!

Posted by Tom Benedict on 08/10/2012

I’m done with the external parts on these cameras, and now I’m working on the internal parts. Some of them are already complete, but others – such as the cold strap and cold foot – are still just CAD phantoms waiting to be made real.

Meanwhile the outside parts are all set to go out for anodizing:

Sitelle Parts

About 1600 square inches of surface area spread over 73 parts. I’m excited to see these things wearing their colors for the first time.

There was a lot of debate about that color. There were a couple of outliers who liked purple, green (that was me), and a few other oddballs. But everyone else fell into two camps: blue or gold. I like blue, but gold won out in the end. (There are benefits to being project manager on an instrument: your opinion counts more than everyone else’s!) When the parts come back I’ll start posting assembly pictures.

– Tom


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