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Posted by Tom Benedict on 25/06/2012

This has nothing to do with machining or kites or photography or sailing or anything else I typically write about. But I had to share a realization I had earlier in the week:

Half-and-half is, to hot beverages, what ketchup is to food. No matter how gnarly that cup of coffee is, a dollop of half-and-half will make it taste like coffee-flavored half-and-half, which ain’t bad!

Not sure where that came from, but there you are.

– Tom


4 Responses to “Half-and-Half”

  1. gstig said

    Unless you are like me, in the fact that Coffee flavored anything makes me turn my nose. I prefer coco, or tea if it’s hot. Add all the sugar and half/half in the world and it just tastes of coffee flavored sugar milk.

    • Tom Benedict said

      Hahahaha! Touche.

      I like tea a lot. And I’m enough of a plebe to put half-and-half in tea as well, though milk is fine, too. The one thing I can’t stand in my coffee or my tea is sugar. As you said, add all the tea or coffee you want, having sugar in there just makes it taste too sweet.

      Love coco. I just can’t drink it. It gives me ferocious zits. Zits on a 40+ year old guy is just plain nasty.

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