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Kudos to Sailcare!

Posted by Tom Benedict on 06/06/2012

Our jib came back from Sailcare today. OH MAN!

Several times already in the restoration of Smilodon, Sailcare came to the rescue. The pecuilar combination of sheave and cam cleat that’s used on the jib sheets of the P-Cat? Sailcare had them when no one else did. Affordable fully adjustable trapeze sets? Sailcare again. And now our sail…

I knew Sailcare did more than just stitching. They do a very comprehensive sail cleaning procedure called the LeMauney process. Sure. Whatever. I just needed the holes patched and the zipper sewed on properly. But why not get it cleaned while it’s there? Can’t hurt, can it?


Our jib came back looking practically new. Ok, ok, when I laid it on the floor and looked at the color of the cloth I could see it was still somewhat yellowed. But it was nothing nearly as bad as it had been. The stains? Gone. The dirt? Gone. The mouse droppings (I kid you not… I had some surprises when I pulled the old zipper off!) Gone. The corrosion build-up on the grommets at tack and clew? Gone! And the cloth itself feels fantastic. (The LeMauney process re-impregnates the cloth with resin.) This sail is at least twenty years old. There’s a good chance it’s older than I am. Now it doesn’t even look like it’s been used on the water.

I almost felt bad re-attaching the jib blocks. The line between the jib’s clew and the blocks isn’t the cleanest in the world. And now it shows! I may take them back off and wash that line before putting it back on.

I unpacked and re-packed our gear bag to be certain I had everything in it and we were good to go for the weekend. We’re ready for the water. The kids are starting the summer as landlubbers. By summer’s end they’ll be sailors!

When we do finally tear things down to re-do the decks, I’m planning to pull the battens out of our main and send it off to Sailcare to get the same treatment our jib got. It’s a little softer than the jib, so I don’t know what they’ll be able to do for it. But I’m looking forward to finding out.

– Tom


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