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Nearly There

Posted by Tom Benedict on 16/05/2012

The last big boat hurdle has passed: the trailer is now legal.

Our friend finished the last of the welding work on the trailer over the weekend. It was waiting for me at work on Monday. I stopped long enough to drop my bag in my office, then ran back outside to hook it up to my Jeep. That’s when the fun started. At that point I hadn’t driven a trailer in over fifteen years. It was parked on a really narrow strip of grass behind our parking lot. Getting it out was straightforward, but like I said, I hadn’t driven a trailer in over a decade. I sweated. But it came out fine.

I had four things to do: weigh the trailer, get a provisional safety inspection, register the trailer with the DMV, and get the final inspection. Over the next two days I got all of it done. But between driving an empty trailer around the local cement quarry looking for the trailer scale and finding out the place I get my car inspected had lost their state inspection license for a year, I wound up pulling more hairy trailer-in-reverse tricks than I’d done even when I did know how to drive a trailer. Reversing onto a highway, driving in the dirt, backing it between multiple parked cars while turning a right angle, maneuvering it past the trees around my driveway… By the end of it I was back in the swing of things. I also shaved a couple of years off my life from stress. But hey, I can get them back by relaxing on a sailboat!

The to-do list is getting short. Last night I ground down all the sharp points on the mast support and treated all the bare metal and welds with Ospho. Today at lunch I painted everything with Zophar so it has plenty of time to dry before the weekend. Past that I need to glue carpet into the mast supports, install the winch, step the mast, and finish installing the rest of the trapeze hardware. By Monday the boat should be ready to go.

With one exception: the jib.

Sailcare got back with me this morning with an estimate for the work on the jib. Between cleaning, repairing holes (my holes that I put in my sail… doof), sewing the zipper on correctly, and shipping it back to us, we’re over $200 in the hole. I winced when I saw it. But in the grand scheme of things, at this point it’s mouse nuts. That’s the last thing we need in order to sail. “Git ‘r done!” I told them. It should be here in a couple of weeks.

– Tom

P.S. What I actually told them was, “No, that looks fine. Go ahead and do the work on the sail.” I’m not so crass as to squawk “Git ‘r done!” to anyone on the phone.

P.P.S. No one who doesn’t know me intimately, that is. My co-workers hear me say that all the time.

P.P.P.S. Maybe that’s why my co-workers think I’m crass.

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