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Posted by Tom Benedict on 02/01/2012

That time of year…

In 2012 I resolve:

To sew at least one kite – I’ve got a great sewing machine now. There’s really no excuse. And there’s no better way to learn to make kites than to make kites.

To pass my General exam – I’ve had my Technician license for less than a week, but already HF looks like a lot of fun. I have a UHF/VHF on order, but it will be well past 2012 before I can afford an HF rig. Still, I’d like to be licensed so that when the opportunity arises, I can move on it.

To write short stories – The events of late August utterly knocked the props out from under my writing. I’m in the process of putting the “me” side of my life back together. Writing needs to be part of it.

To really get back in the air – As with writing, my kite aerial photography has dropped off considerably in the last six months. In the case of KAP it wasn’t due so much to what happened in August as it was hitting an artistic wall. Hard. I want to learn to see like a bird again. I miss it.

To play more – This may sound frivolous, but it’s not. When Rydra and I flew back to the Big Island after her surgery, what I wanted more than anything else in the world was to play. It’s hard to play in a hospital. So one weekend I played Go Fish with the kids almost all weekend long. It was fantastic. Life needs more play.

That’s it. I’m sure other goals will come up over the next year, but that’s my list.

– Tom

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