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Posted by Tom Benedict on 26/12/2011

I took the examination for a Technician class radio license on the 14th, and passed with only two wrong answers. Yaaaay! But until my name appeared in the FCC ULS database, nothing was official. I checked this morning, and there my name was. W00t! I have a call sign! WH6DWL  Or Whiskey Hotel 6 Delta Whiskey Lima. (Hey, can’t beat a call sign that means you get a double whiskey!)

So at long last I’m legal to power up the 5.8GHz video transmitter I bought over a month ago to use on my KAP rig. I’m also legal to purchase and use a UHF/VHF dual band radio. I hope to have the video transmitter working later this week. The HAM radio will have to wait a little while.

Meanwhile I’m studying for my General class license so I can play in HF space as well. (I wound up picking up the license manual from one of the VEs who administered the exam for my Technician class licensee before I even left the testing session!) After looking at the prices on HF gear, even used HF gear, it’s just as well the General class license will take me a while. I figure I’ll be licensed long before I can afford the toys.

I hope to make more HAM related posts to my blog in the future. Meanwhile I have a viewfinder to wire up, and call sign labels to attach to the transmitter!

– Tom

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