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Closer to a Viewfinder

Posted by Tom Benedict on 29/11/2011

I’m very very close to having a viewfinder for my KAP gear.


5.8GHz KAP Gear

The 5.8GHz gear arrived, and sure enough there was no FCC ID sticker on the transmitter. This just gave me more incentive to study for my radio license!

I also noticed the 900MHz gear I had built out also didn’t have an FCC ID sticker. So I can’t use it, either. Not until I have a license, anyway. Since the plan is to change over to 5.8GHz and since I can’t use the 900MHz gear anyway, I went ahead and pulled it out and boxed it up. While I’m waiting for the license exam, I plan to package the new gear and get it mounted to my transmitter.

The photo gives you a sense of scale for the stuff. It’s tiny! The video receiver is smaller than my monitor. If I can find all the right bits at Radio Shack, I’m considering mounting it to the back of the monitor, with all the cable connections housed in a little electronics enclosure next to it. This should keep everything neat and clean. Any time you use equipment in the field, “neat and clean” takes on more importance than just looking good. It means I’m less likely to snag something when I shove the radio into my bag. It means fewer sessions lost to disconnected cables or dirty connections. It means less chance of snagging my hand on a wire when I really do need to put the thing down and tend to the kite! “Neat and clean” is a good thing.

I’m excited about trying this out in the field. Even if I don’t wind up using it long term, it’s a good experiment.

– Tom

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