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It’s a Need

Posted by Tom Benedict on 28/06/2011

Bill Blake was right. I couldn’t keep from flying kites and doing KAP once the pressure of project work was gone.

We’ve got family visiting on-island. A couple of days ago we went to Hapuna Beach in the afternoon. This is a regular KAP spot for me. It’s a good beach for the kids, and there’s plenty of room to do KAP, sport kites, or whatever. When we arrived the wind was good for sport kites, so my wife and I flew our Widow until she got tired and went out for a swim. I switched to KAP and made a couple of panoramas, as well as some aimed photographs of the kids. When the wind began to fall off I landed the rig and packed it away.

Hapuna Prince Resort

On a whim I put my 6′ rokkaku back up, clipped it off, and put up my Dopero as well. They fly at different enough angles I can clip them to a single carabiner and let them fly from the same point. When the wind picked back up I toyed with the idea of putting the rig back up, but my heart wasn’t in it. The kites were just too much fun. So I downed the Dopero and put up my Nighthawk, then downed the rokkaku and put up my Flow Form 16. In each case the flight angles were such that no two kites wanted to run into each other. It made for a really fun session, albeit without pictures.

Toward the end the wind began to pick up in earnest and a silly thought struck me: I’ve had bad luck flying two kites from a single line. I didn’t have my 100′ tag line I normally use for this, but I did have two kites flying successfully from a single carabiner. One was on my #200 Dacron on the beast winder, but the other was on #150 Dacron on a relatively light hoop winder. The kites were providing plenty of pull, so…

I tied up the hoop winder to the carabiner using my flying strap and reeled the whole mess out into the sky. Yaaay! Two kites off a single line! Well, sort of.

Two Kites One Line

Bill, you’re right. Kites are just too much fun. A kite wasn’t meant to live in its bag. It was meant to live in the sky.

– Tom


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