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Kiholo Bay Hike

Posted by Tom Benedict on 18/06/2011

Back in June of 2008, I hiked along the Kona Coast of the Island of Hawaii, from Anaehoomalu Bay to Kiholo Bay. For a serious hiker it’s probably not that impressive a trip. For someone like me, though, it was huge. Just past Anaehoomalu Bay I launched my first kite of the day and flew a camera almost the entire way. This was early on in my kite aerial photography career, so even though the photographs I made that day aren’t as impressive to me now as works of art, they still stand out as photographs of one of my best trips of discovery on this island. I found more beautiful spots to do KAP in that one day than in any other day I’ve spent with a kite winder in hand. I’ve chosen to go back, this time with the Nokia N8 gear as well.

I know the route, and have a good idea what to expect. I haven’t been back to many of these spots since the tsunami, though, so there will be new things I have not yet seen. In 2008 when I first made this hike, it was my first significant KAP outing with my then-new Canon A650IS camera. In many ways it ushered in my change from an avid but casual KAPer to a serious kite aerial photographer. It’s my hope that this will be one of the last full-day sessions with the A650IS as my primary KAP camera. After this I plan to finish building the rig for my T2i and move in yet another new direction.

I also hope it is my last full day session with the N8 hardware. I am eager to complete the film I set out to make in 2010, even if it is not of whales the way I had intended. It’s time to move on.

Photographs to come, I’m sure.

– Tom

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