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World Wide KAP Week 2011 – Closing

Posted by Tom Benedict on 10/05/2011

A series of weather systems blew in off the Pacific in the middle of World Wide KAP Week 2011 and continued through the end of the last day.  For me WWKW 2011 essentially ended Thursday night when I threw in the towel and returned to work.  Conditions didn’t improve over the weekend, and in fact it’s still raining today.  Ah well.  As I’m fond of saying all forms of photography are subject to weather and light.  KAP just adds wind to the mix.

Even so, I’m glad I got out as much as I did.  It gave me time with my equipment, and time to think on my future with KAP.

For the record I was traveling with seven kites, one winder, no fewer than three KAP rigs, two cameras, and two Nokia N8 phones.  All on my back.  In addition to this I carried my usual accessories: anemometer, hat, gloves, first aid kit, pocket mask, pulse oximeter, water bottle, tools, spare parts, etc.  By the end of the week I was ready to have a day when I didn’t pick all this back up and try yet again.  Future plan #1:  Pare down the weight.  It’s not necessary.

I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get the Nokia N8 hardware to do what it was supposed to do.  This is a long story, and not one I’m in a position to share since I’m still in the middle of the Push N8 project.  Suffice it to say that I have made it a rule never to agree to fly KAP gear I myself cannot vouch for.  This has not been the case with the Nokia hardware.  Never again.

I spent a fair bit of time using my Canon T2i.  I can see that eventually I will want at least a pan/tilt RC KAP rig for it.  But that’s down the road.  During the days when my kites would fly, I found I was looking forward to flying it.  During those days I spent hiking or driving, but unable to get a kite in the air, I found myself thinking through the design requirements for its first KAP rig.  And during those days when I had equipment failure with the N8 gear, I found myself vowing that the rigs I build for the T2i will work every time without fail.

It’s been a good week.  Photos made, successes and failures had in fair measure, lessons learned.  Time to move on.

– Tom


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