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World Wide KAP Week 2011 – Day 7

Posted by Tom Benedict on 06/05/2011

Wind.  Bad.  Nuff said.  I didn’t even get my kites out of the bag.

Ok, I’ll elaborate.  Wind was too fast in town, in North Kohala, and along most of the Hamakua Coast.  The Kona coast had screaming offshores along most of its length.  The areas that weren’t howling were too slow to launch.  Even worse, the lines between these regions were narrow and moved around a lot.  What this means for flying kites is that it’s hard to predict the wind.  If you put up a high wind kite, the wind can fall and the camera comes down.  Hard.  If you put up a low wind kite a small shift can mean it suddenly overpowers and flies into the ground, and the camera comes down along with it.  Hard.  It’s not worth the risk.

Only three days left in World Wide KAP Week 2011.  At this point I need more than better luck.  I need better wind.

– Tom


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