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World Wide KAP Week 2011 – Day 4

Posted by Tom Benedict on 02/05/2011

I came down with pneumonia during World Wide KAP Week 2010, so my total photographic output was far less than I’d hoped.  When it came time to submit photos for the World Wide KAP Week book in 2010, one of the photos I sent in was of the various prescriptions I was issued by my doctor.  I swore I wouldn’t get sick this year.

Technically speaking I’m not sick, and even three days into WWKW 2011 I’ve done more photography than I did for the entire week in 2010.  But last night I had my first migraine, and today I’m holed up at home with all the shades drawn and the lights turned out.

For anyone who thinks migraines are just big headaches, understand they are not.  My wife gets migraines, so I never had this impression.  But it’s amazing how many people believe this.  No, it’s not just a big headache.  And no, gobs of ibuprofen won’t fix it.  Mine hardly involved pain at all.

It started with some really bizarre visual effects in the lower left corner of my vision, which spread into a ring covering about half my field of view.  It’s as if there was a ring-shaped jewel covering that side of my vision whose facets spun, refracting the light like tiny propellers.  It was fascinating at first, but it was also incredibly disorienting.  So much so that I finally had to close my eyes and lie down.

The odd thing is if I closed the left eye, the right eye still saw the pattern.  And if I closed both eyes I could still see it spinning spinning spinning.  Even as the nausea started, I was still fascinated.

That all ended this morning when I woke up and the nausea and disorientation was still going strong.  The visuals stopped before I went to sleep, but when I woke up it felt as if I was hung over.  Light hurt, sound hurt, speech was difficult and slow to produce, and I couldn’t tell where my hands were.  Needless to say KAP was out of the question.

Symptoms improved throughout the day, but even at noon the overcast light outside my window was too painful to look at.  I finally called it a day after lunch.  There’s always tomorrow.

– Tom

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