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Article Published in Kiting

Posted by Tom Benedict on 01/03/2011

I got my latest copy of Kiting from the American Kitefliers Association, and lo and behold on page 40 was an article I’d written.  Yaaaay!  This isn’t my first time being published in a magazine, but each time I open up and see something I’ve written, it’s a thrill.  Not just because I get to see my words in print, but because I get to hold it up to the Voice of Self Doubt (term courtesy of Wil Wheaton) and say, “See?!  I really can write!  Well, sort of anyway.”

This article was a kite aerial photography travel destination piece about the Big Island of Hawaii.  David Wheeler, the guy who normally writes the KAP article for Kiting, said the usual length was two pages of text and photos.  Two pages really isn’t enough space to describe the Big Island or all the places one could go and do KAP here.  But neither is a coffee table book.  A writer writes to the space available, and a photographer sends in more photos than the art department can use, knowing that many of them will get cut.  The text was a little longer than was asked for, and I sent in seven photos.

I was surprised to see the text made it in uncut.  Only one of the photos I sent in didn’t get used in the article itself, but it did get used for the table of contents for the magazine.  Cropping on the photos was minimal, and the color rendition was quite nice.  All in all the editor did a really good job.  I’m pleased as punch.

– Tom

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