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KAPing Near Water

Posted by Tom Benedict on 08/02/2011

Over the weekend the family and I went to Hapuna Beach State Park on the west coast of the island.  The last time we went was several weeks earlier when a storm surge off of a weather system to the west of us was making some really big waves.  We watched the waves from the cliffs, but didn’t venture down to the surf.  When we went back on Sunday the waves were more manageable, but it looked like most of the sand had washed out.

This is typical of the winter wave pattern, but I’d never seen it this bad.  Only a month or so previous, we were able to fly our two line sport kite on the resort side of the beach without getting our feet wet.  I flew on Sunday, but to get the room I needed I had to stand thirty feet or more offshore.  It worked, so I decided to do some kite aerial photography, too.

I knew the view I wanted.  My goal was to get the camera centered over the beach, aiming south toward the state park end.  But to get that view I had to go a lot farther out than the thirty feet or so I went to fly the sport kite.  By the time I got to the spot I wanted, waves were coming up past my waist.  No big deal for sport kiting, and not really a big deal for single line kiting, either.  But the radio transmitter I use to control my KAP rig doesn’t like salt water.  I had to keep it dry.

KAP on the Edge

These photos describe the conditions better than any words I might write.  They also describe why I sometimes laugh when people tell me the only way to take a kite down is to stake it, walk it, and wind the line on the ground.  Mmm…no.  Sometimes you have to improvise.

Hapuna Winter Waves 1

But I got the photo I was after.  All in all, a really good day.

– Tom

2 Responses to “KAPing Near Water”

  1. Mike said

    Great shots! I will have to do some reading about using kites with cameras.

    • Tom Benedict said

      Hey, thanks! Glad you like them. If you’re interested in doing kite aerial photography, one of the best places to start is the KAP forum. It’s a good bunch of people, and hands-down the best resource if you’re interested in hanging a camera from a kite line. I got most of my gear from Brooxes, but my kites have come from all over. Start with those two places, and you can’t go wrong.



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