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Nokia PUSH N8 On The Way

Posted by Tom Benedict on 12/01/2011

I got word the Nokia N8 PUSH KAP hardware should be shipping in the next few days.  I’ve pretty much had to scrap my plans for a nice long lead-up to using the gear to photograph whales, but I think the delay was worth it.  I’ve developed my own fair share of gear in the past, and even knowing the gear intimately as the developer doesn’t save you if things go wrong in the field.  I’d rather run a project late with solid gear than try to run it on time with gear that has issues.  It was a good call, even if it puts a time crunch on things down the line.

The whales are here, though, so I need to get a move on.  I have some other commitments that are also crowding in, but it looks like I should be able to arrange time in the meanwhile, regardless.  Ideally I’d like to get at least two good hour-long sessions with the gear on dry land, and then one more over the water, flying with an offshore breeze.  If all of this works well, I’ll feel a lot better about taking the N8 PUSH gear out on a boat.

My biggest question at the moment is how the user interface works.  I’m so used to working with an R/C transmitter for controlling my rig, using a touch screen will be a real change.  I’m also not used to having video feedback, so I really have no idea how this will pan out in practice.  I hope I like it.  I just hope the video feedback isn’t distracting.  (I get the feeling in the next month I’ll look back on this and think, “Boy were you ever a stick in the mud, Tom!”  But hey, I still wash my dishes by hand.)

In any case I hope to have more updates on this project in the near future.  Things are finally starting to move!

– Tom

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