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Posted by Tom Benedict on 30/11/2010

It finally happened:  After a lot of work cleaning up my act, photographically speaking, asking way too many questions from way too many extremely patient people, and listening to and following the advice I was given, I got an invitation letter to join the Getty/Flickr program.  Join?  You BET!

The process of signing up on Getty is really painless.  They did a great job of making it as easy to do as possible.  And at no point did I feel lost, like I was just tossing information and full-res images into a black hole.  Nope, it was all very easy to follow.  I found the original for the image requested, uploaded the full resolution image, filled out the remaining fields, and clicked save.  Done.  Within a couple of hours it had cleared the review process, and was listed as available for sale.

I’m excited.  But I’m also taking this with a grain of salt.  An invitation does not mean a sale.  And even a single sale does not mean a promising future.  In a way the work has just begun.  But at least I’ve got a foot in the door.  I’m looking forward to what comes next.

– Tom

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