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Worldwide KAP Week 2010 Begins!

Posted by Tom Benedict on 10/09/2010

If you’re active in the world of kite aerial photography, chances are you already know Worldwide KAP Week 2010 starts tomorrow.  It runs from Saturday, September 11th, through Sunday, September 19th.  (Yes, that’s also “Talk Like a Pirate Day”.)  If you already have KAP gear, get out.  Wherever you are, get out over the next nine days and fly a camera.  Take pictures.  Have a good time.

As for me, I’m taking the entire week off from work.  Some people think that’s silly, but it’s one of my only opportunities during the year to really get out and dedicate a big chunk of time to doing KAP.  Looking back at the pictures I made during Worldwide KAP Week last year, and everything that’s happened since, I have a pretty positive feeling about WWKW 2010.  These are the big changes in my gear and technique:

  • I picked up a Dopero early this year, so I can fly a heavier rig in lighter wind.  From 3.5kt to 25kt, I’ve got my kites covered.
  • I’ve worked a lot on my panorama technique, added a Ho/Ver axis to my rig, and hope to make a number of good, printable panoramas.
  • I’ve also worked on my sunrise/sunset/golden-hour photography, and hope to work in better light during WWKW 2010 than I did during WWKW 2009.
  • Finally, I’ve been experimenting with graduated ND filters in the air.  I think this is the last tool I use for landscape photography on the ground that hasn’t been available in the air.  Now it’s all there.

I’ve got spots picked out all over the island, and a list of subjects longer than I can handle.  So no matter what, I doubt I’ll come away from WWKW 2010 disappointed.  It should be good.  I checked the weather and wind for tomorrow morning (my first sunrise outing ever!) and it looks like there should be nice wind on Mana Road.  Some years back I did an early morning session on Mana Road, and came away with some nice pictures.  But the foreground was too dark, and the clouds over Mauna Kea were blown out.  This time I have tools for dealing with challenging lighting, so I hope the pictures will be better.

I can’t wait!

– Tom

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