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Cleaning House

Posted by Tom Benedict on 21/06/2010

So I head off to San Diego for SPIE in less than a week.  We ran out of photo paper for the big plotter at work, so I still don’t have a show-ready print of my poster.  But otherwise I’m ready to go.  I managed to pack my kites, my KAP rig, my camera, and yeah, even clothes and my laptop bag.  Everyone’s poster is going in my kite bag, so the company will foot the bill for the extra bag.  I’m all set!

Right around the time I started to pat myself on the back for this, I realized I had no space left on my laptop.  It’s embarrassing to admit, but I hadn’t cleaned off the hard drive in ages.  I was holding out for a 1TB external drive, but I simply ran out of time.  I had to burn things off to DVD.  So I went to town, picked up a spindle of DVD-R disks, and got cracking.

At first things were slow slow slow.  But after a while they got a little faster.  Then they got a lot slower.  That’s when I realized my drive had been chok full for so long, it hadn’t successfully defragmented the drive for months.  I finally got my 10% free the defragger needs, started it up, and let it run.  And run.  And run.  And RUN!

In all it ran for almost 16 hours.  Ouch.  I picked right up where I left off the night before, and continued to clean until I had at least 1/3 of my drive clear.  That just about got me to January, 2010.  I still have almost six months of photos stacked up on my computer, waiting to burn.  Ugh.

Organization is one of the things I’m working on before I try to go too whole-hog with my photography.  Bet you couldn’t guess.

In any case, my computer is now quite clean, my photos are nicely backed up onto DVDs, and I can start to clean out the space on my mirror machines as well.  I think all three computers will sigh a huge sigh of relief once this cleanup is done!

– Tom


2 Responses to “Cleaning House”

  1. MiddleMarc said

    I’d like to ask about the Key chain cam and KAP.

  2. Tom Benedict said

    I haven’t really done anything further with the keychain cam. I loaned it to a friend who was doing some R&D and needed an onboard camera. Unfortunately the camera didn’t survive. At some point I’ll pick up another one and do some more playing around.

    Do you already have a KAP rig you’re using? I’d be more than happy to talk about KAP in general.


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