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New Directions for KAP

Posted by Tom Benedict on 16/02/2010

I’ve been doing KAP since 2007.  I’ve flown three cameras: a Nikon Coolpix 5600, a Canon A650 IS, and a home made 4×5 film camera.  I am determined to change that in the next several years.  There are three directions I would like to move in:

The first is to build a lightweight full-function autoKAP rig.  Canon has released several outstanding new cameras that have lowered the prices on some other outstanding cameras, such as the S90.  I would like to try to build an extremely light, extremely compact rig around one of these cameras.  The end goal is to have something that, when packed, is no larger or heavier than a paperback book.  This way no matter where I go, I have something I can toss in my laptop bag along with an 8″ hoop winder and a soft kite.  KAP on the go.

The second is to build a DSLR rig around a Canon EOS XSi or similar lightweight DSLR body.  The 10-22mm Canon lens would make a really good KAP lens with this camera.  The rig would weigh close to 1.5kg.  After some discussions on the KAP group, it looks like my current stable of kites would be a good choice for lifting this one.  So the cost would be for the camera and rig alone.

The third is to rebuild my 4×5 KAP camera around a Schneider Angulon 90mm lens.  The 150mm Fujinon lens I’m using has too narrow a field of view for my taste.  Moving to a wider lens will make the camera more compact, so it presents a smaller cross-section to the wind, and will reduce the angular resolution on the film.  The end result should be much better suited to KAP than the camera I have already built.  Rather than start over from scratch, I’m planning to slit-saw the back and front off of my existing camera, and rebuild it as a 90mm body.

None of this will happen quickly, and right now there’s no money for any of it.  That’s a work in progress, though I do have some ideas for how to get this done.

I’m looking forward to it.

– Tom

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