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A Planned Return to Kua Bay

Posted by Tom Benedict on 04/10/2009

I’m still pretty stoked by how well the planned KAP session at Kiholo Bay worked out.  In going through my pictures of the Kona coast, another location that really stands out as needing more work on my part is Kua Bay.

Kua Bay, or rather Manini Owali Beach at Kua Bay, is a gorgeous white sand beach surrounded by black lava rock.  It is hands-down one of the friendliest locations for doing seaside KAP on the Big Island, provided you are willing to work on top of razor sharp rocks.  It was south of Manini Owali Beach where I figured out how to set up and launch a 6′ rokkaku without letting any part of it touch the ground.  It was also where I did the bulk of my 4×5 KAP camera tests, and found out how much that camera did like to land on the sharp rocks.

In a couple of the sets I’ve done there, I’ve found some pretty good signs of earlier settlements there.  This is no mystery, and as far as I know the place is fairly well understood from a historical and archaeological standpoint.  Still, it’s nice to see that I can recognize these things from the air.

As with Kiholo Bay, my photography at Kua Bay has shown potential, but not much beyond that.  I’ve tried to squeeze a good working ratio image out of what I’ve done there, but I haven’t been able to do it.  So with the same methodology that I used at Kiholo Bay, minus the Photosynth sets, I went to work in selecting a camera location.

The one I wound up choosing is five hundred feet inland and about a hundred and eighty feet north of the anchialine pond at the inland tip of the beach.  Ideally the camera would be no more than two hundred feet off the ground, though I intend to shoot a series of photos at various altitudes and a couple of positions near this one.  Again, I’m planning on using multi-row burst KAP to get the photos I need, and I plan to fly without a polarizer.

I’m taking next week off to finish the layout work on the WWKW 2009 book, but Wednesday I’ll have my son at home, and plan to go to Kua Bay in the hope of making the photograph I’m after.  Here’s hoping the weather and the wind holds!

– Tom


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